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Final Fantasy Advent Children AnimeXcess Final Fantasy Advent Children

Synopsis: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the highly anticipated CGI motion picture sequel to FFVII which has been produced by Square Enix’s CGI team. It is specifically aimed at those who played FFVII back in 1997 and man, those 10 million people are going have a good time watching this… Director: Tetsuya Nomura Studio: Square Enix Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Length: 101 minutes Cast: Read more [...]

Planetes Planetes

Title: Planetes Genre: Progressive/Drama Company: Bandai Visual/NHK/Sunrise Series: 26 episodes Date: Oct 2003 –  Apr 2004 Synopsis: In 2075 AD, space travel plays a much bigger role in human life, and so does space debris. Originally ignored, excessive space debris has become a serious problem against furthering exploration. In order to counter this hazard, space related corporations Read more [...]

Hellsing Hellsing

Genre: Action Company: Gonzo/Pioneer LDC Series: 13 episodes Date: Oct 2001 – Jan 2002 Synopsis: For 100 years, The Royal Protestant Knight Hellsing group has protected humanity from being extinguished by the undead. Victoria Celes is a police officer with an impossible choice and she is mentored by the second-in-command of Hellsing – Alucard the Vampire. New threats are coming and things Read more [...]

Death Note Death Note

Title: Death Note Genre: Drama, Progressive, Detective/Mystery By: Madhouse Studios/NTV/Shueisha/VAP Series: 37 episodes Date: Oct 2006 – Jun 2007 Synopsis: High School genius  Yagami Light is introduced to a Death Note. A notebook that will kill anyone whose name he writes in it, once he is aware of the persons face. This power causes Light to acquire a very acute sense of justice, Read more [...]

Afro Samurai Afro Samurai

Title: Afro Samurai  Genre: Action Series: 5 episodes Samuel L. Jackson. That alone should be enough to solidify anyone questioning – “should I watch this?”  The answer is yes, yes you should. Afro Samurai is an incredible story that encompasses both the traditional aspects of Japanese anime with beautiful weapons and intricate fight scenes as well as the modern technological tactics of handguns Read more [...]

Last Exile Last Exile

Synopsis: Disith and Anatoray have been at war on Prester for what seems like an eternity. A special group of citizens have formed to monitor the two nations. The only thing that separates them is a great natural phenomenon called the Grand Stream. Lavie and Claus are best friends who both suffered tragedy early in life as their fathers attempted to bring message of peace to Prester. Now that they Read more [...]