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Full Metal Panic AnimeXcess Full Metal Panic

Synopsis: Sosuke Sagara is an elite soldier who is part of  an independent special force named “Mithril”. Mithril is a self appointed military that fights terrorism across the globe, with technology that is far superior to normal nations, on behalf of justice. Sagara, a Second Lieutenant working for Mithril, is assigned to the duty of protecting a girl named Kaname Chidori. To do this, he pretends Read more [...]

Eureka 7 Eureka 7

Title: Eureka 7 Genre: Action/Romance By: BONES Series: 50 episodes Date: 17 Apr 2005 – Apr 2006 Synopsis: Renton Thurston is the son of a missing hero. He lives in a town devoid of anything exciting with his Grandfather – that is until a girl named Eureka crashes her robot into his Grandfather’s mechanic shop. The story begins as Renton and Eureka go off on an adventure with the outlaws Read more [...]

Angelic Layer Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer is a mysterious tale about Suzuhara Misaki – following her from her hometown of Wakayama to her Aunt’s home in Tokyo. By chance she discovers a game by which the participants control robot dolls in a player versus player combat arena. Once Suzuhara creates her own doll, otherwise known as Angels, and names her Hikaru – she realizes she is one of the most talented players to ever play Read more [...]