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Wolf's Rain Wolf’s Rain

Title: Wolf’s Rain Genre: Action/Drama By: BONES Series: 26 episodes and 4 OVA Date: Jan 2003 – Feb 2004 Synopsis: In a world of eternal winter, wolves disguise themselves as humans to survive. When the world’s rulers start a war to control a strange maiden called “daughter of the moon flower”, the wolves decide to search for her too, uncontrollably attracted by her smell. Will Read more [...]

Death Note Death Note

Title: Death Note Genre: Drama, Progressive, Detective/Mystery By: Madhouse Studios/NTV/Shueisha/VAP Series: 37 episodes Date: Oct 2006 – Jun 2007 Synopsis: High School genius  Yagami Light is introduced to a Death Note. A notebook that will kill anyone whose name he writes in it, once he is aware of the persons face. This power causes Light to acquire a very acute sense of justice, Read more [...]

Beserk Berserk

Synopsis: Berserk is a crazy, obscenely graphic anime so risqué even late night Japanese TV didn’t want to show it at first.  Because of this it has quickly developed one of the largest underground followings here in the Western Hemisphere.  The story itself grips you in it’s darkness and pulls you into an unknown world. Title: Berserk aka Kenfu Denki Berserk Series: 25 episodes Date: 1997 Read more [...]