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Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by doulie No Comments

Title: Zetman
Genre: Action/Drama
Series: 13 episodes
By: TMS Entertainment
Date: Apr 2012 – Jun 2012

Synopsis: Creatures created by the Amagi Corporation to fight and kill each other, gain free will and rebel against their masters, killing every human in their way. To eliminate these creatures, a project to create a super human known as ZET was brought into existance as an infant named Kanzaki Jin. Scientist Kanzaki Gorou wants Jin to live a normal life and escapes with him. As Jin grows up in the ghetto of Tokyo, he meets and befriends Kouga, a young man with a strong sense of justice and the heir to Amagi Corporation.

Review: Zetman takes a stab at implementing superheroes to the anime medium. Something that has only been done a few times before, non of which were particularly successful, unless of course we consider Dragon Ball Z’s Hercule (joke). Actually, the action/comedy Tiger & Bunny by Sunrise is worth mentioning to give the, superhero in anime, theme some credibility. Although Tiger & Bunny is no Oscar winner itself, it depicts the superhero theme better than Zetman.

Please don’t get the wrong impression, Zetman is not a terrible series. It is a tale of two best friends with a strong sense of justice, who share the common goal of protecting mankind from wrong-doers. Best friends that are forced to become enemies due to complicated circumstances. The story revolves around their test of friendship and tries to explore what happens when two people, both with noble cause, stand on the opposite ends of an ideal. Not what you were expecting when you saw giant men in cool looking armor jumping around with swords huh?

Its difficult to pin point what exactly causes Zetman to feel so… lacking. I am sure that only having thirteen episodes played a major role in how TMS felt they could best depict this intriguing story. Time-leaps in the narrative didn’t help things one bit. Seeing the main character as an irresponsible kid in one scene and a justice driven adult in the next makes it difficult to fully invest into him.

The Verdict: After all that bashing i would still recommend this anime to anyone looking for something short to watch. 13 episodes is not a huge investment, and it is worth it to get exposed to this series and it’s concepts. If you are into cool fight scenes, you won’t be disappointing. Most Zetman manga readers feel like the anime didn’t do the series justice. You be the judge!

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