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Yu Yu Hakusho

Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by doulie No Comments

Title: Yu Yu Hakusho
Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural, Tournament
Year released: -

14 year old Yusuke Urameshi , a high school thug with a good heart, dies while jumping in in front of a speeding car to save a young boys life. For his good deed, Urameshi is given the opportunity to return to life after agreeing to assume the role of a Spirit Detective, as  an agent of the spiritual world who works to maintain the boundary between the worlds of humans and demons. He teams up with his old high school rival Kuwabara and two good demons with dark pasts,  Kurama and Hiei, to enforce the law of the spirit detective on the home turf of deamons.

The classic Yu Yu Hakusho is one of those series that you will eventually come across whilst on your anime journey. To fans of the action/fighting genre,  Yu Yu Hakusho is a feast. To non action fans,the series may feel a bit uninspiring…but hey, if you aren’t into action, then half the world’s entertainment isn’t for you.

To start, the fight scenes are not painfully drawn out – a necessary component of any fighting-style anime. Individual fight scenes occur often, but don’t usually last more than an episode or two.  This keeps the series jogging along and a very comfortable pace. Another refreshing quality of the show are the unique character fighting abilities, the most memorable of which is probably Yusuke’s Spirit Gun. Fights rely as much on mindful strategy as they do on power-level. Oh, and Hiei’s Black Dragon wave is cool as balls… just thought you should know that.

Another commendable quality of Yu Yu Hakusho is its characterization. The characters in the series are well developed, the protagonist doesn’t have to be your favorite character, although is quite likely that he might be. The character roles all play well off each other. Yusuke Urameshi , works as a believable  ”thug-with-a-heart”. Kuwabara,  Kurama and Hiei fill their roles nicely as well.  The story’s villains are all well designed and rather intricate. Many are difficult to view as unquestionably bad or good. The non main characters adequately fill the roles they need to fill to move the story along.

This anime isn’t perfect, animation quality is lacking, even for the 90s. The music is medicore at best, and there are plot areas… like  the romance between Yusuke and Keiko… that could’ve used a bit more development. But overall this anime is well worth the investment. Yu Yu Hakusho has long solidified its spot as one of anime’s action/fighting greats. Go Team Urameshi!!

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