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Wolf’s Rain

Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by doulie 1 Comment

Title: Wolf’s Rain
Genre: Action/Drama
Series: 26 episodes and 4 OVA
Date: Jan 2003 – Feb 2004

Synopsis: In a world of eternal winter, wolves disguise themselves as humans to survive. When the world’s rulers start a war to control a strange maiden called “daughter of the moon flower”, the wolves decide to search for her too, uncontrollably attracted by her smell. Will this fulfill the ancient prophecy that, the moon daughter will open the gates of Paradise?

Review: Most people who watch Wolf’s Rain either really love it, or strongly despise it, and that makes it difficult to review since i find myself somewhere in the middle. So lets just start with the positives.

The animation is beautiful and eye-catching. The plot is unique and interesting. There were calm moments and omg action-packed moments, powerful moments and perfectly comprehensible motives for heroes and villains alike. Why is that not enough?

Well my doubts started after the first half of the series. There are four review episodes. FOUR! In case you missed what i just said, 4 episodes of recap that offered absolutely no new information. Now you may ask me the question ‘Doulie, why not just skip those episodes?’ and to that i will respond ‘A better question would be, why do those episodes exist?’ After that the series began rolling again. We had to endure a few episodes of filler which, again, will have you saying  ’Whyyy do we need fillers in a 26  episode long series?’ And then everything climaxed to a very memorible, very rewarding ending.

I’m lying, the ending sucked. The last two episodes were the weakest of the entire series. So much so that they were followed by 4 OVAs to better wrap things up, and they failed miserably as well. I can’t bring myself to call Wolf’s Rain a bad anime, but i won’t risk recommending it either. At best i would say, watch it to see where you stand!


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  • AdikRahman

    This anime does not make any sense.But still I like it.So a thumbs-up for Wolf’s Rain