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Posted on: June 27th, 2013 by kelsey

Tsuritama is a hilarious comedy about a boy growing up with an unlikely best friend.  Yuki is well developed and love able as our main character. What drives his character past the typical anime lead  is that he’s so socially awkward – he  makes you feel almost embarrassed for him.  The idea of having a best friend who is also an “alien” is also interesting and keeps your focus while the beginning of the series is a bit of a slow start. The story also has aspects of realism, in that the two friends desire to become fishermen. Add in Natsuki who is comical in his distaste for nearly everything and Akira who acts more like a secret watchdog – the foursome is set to tell an epic tale of the tiny island of Enoshima.

The best part of Tsuritama is that it appeals to both children and adults alike. The kids will love the whole concept of learning to fish and the vivid bright colors while the more mature audience will enjoy the comedy and growth of the characters, especially Yuki.

All in all, if you love fishing or you love to laugh – check out Tsuritama and be ready to smile the entire time!  Haino Haino Hanio!


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