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Synopsis: Minato Sahashi has just received the news that he has failed his college entrance exams for the second time.  Depressed and beaten, he begins his walk of shame home to is tiny, lonely apartment. On his way home he quite literally runs into a beautiful girl with an over the top attraction to him. After helping her escape from two very feisty female attackers, he discovers the girl, Musubi, is actually a Sekirei, one of one hundred and eight genetically enhanced fighters, all with unique abilities. Musibi informs Minato that he is her ‘Ashikabi’ and with his help, she will have to battle the other Sekireis to the death, for the right to remain his ‘wife.’

Title: Sekirei
By: Seven Arcs
Series: 24 episodes
Date: Jul 2008 – Sep 2008


The first few episodes of Sekirei is borderline hentai. A lot of over the top fan service.  The target audience is easy to guess here, teenage males rejoice! If you are against women being objectified, then, you might want to keep it moving… just saying.

Now on to the review.

The story is a bit weak, at best. If you make it to episode four, then its because you like boobs. But unexpectedly, at about episode 5, the story begins to pick up, and the show becomes a mediocre action anime with added boobies and panty shots. Now i know that there are tons of ecchi anime out there. But some tickle you with fan service that’s a bit subtle and graceful. The early episodes of Sekirei are anything but graceful. It feels as if Seven Arcs combed through every second of early series looking for a reason to show you some boobs, and when they couldn’t find one, they showed you anyway.

The first season of the show feels incomplete, but there is a certain charm to it that lures you back. Avoiding spoilers, the second season ends or a very unsatisfying cliffhanger. Enough to make you want to check out season 3, but because of the weak character development in the first two season, you probably won’t be missing any sleep over it.

Animation and music weren’t anything too fancy. Bright colors and off the shelf action anime music.

The final verdict – i wanted to dislike Sekirei, but i don’t. Nothing comes to mind as a valid reason why you must check out this anime, other than bouncing anime boobies of course. But if you are anything like me, you will get sucked in by its enigmatic charm.

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