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Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by doulie No Comments

Title: Planetes
Genre: Progressive/Drama
Company: Bandai Visual/NHK/Sunrise
Series: 26 episodes
Date: Oct 2003 –  Apr 2004

Synopsis: In 2075 AD, space travel plays a much bigger role in human life, and so does space debris. Originally ignored, excessive space debris has become a serious problem against furthering exploration. In order to counter this hazard, space related corporations create special debris removal units. Units that were usually under-funded and poorly staffed. On the space station ISPV-7, this unit is on the receiving end of many jokes. Despite this, Hoshino Hachirota, a space debris remover  sees this job as a necessary step towards his dream of owning his own spacecraft.

The Highlights
 Detailed and sharp.
Characters: Well developed and likeable
Story: Unique and interesting.

This anime is an unsuspecting breath of fresh air, from the same folks that brought you Gundam, the production company Sunrise. The show does not clearly fit  into specific categories like action, romance or comedy, but it does fit into the broader category of dealing with all human relations. Planetes, which is Greek for “wanderers” in Greek, follows the lives of a few unappreciated astronauts and their journey to find meaning in their lives at the outer edge of the world.

If Planetes weren’t set in space, it would be an anime about a guy working a desk job at a massive corporation with dreams of making it big. Hmm, maybe that’s the wrong analogy. Nonetheless the plot somehow makes a story about space garbage men feel highly relatable. The human element makes this anime far more interesting than and synopsis can capture. I suspect that an average anime fan will be in for a pleasant surprise when they sit down to watch this series.

With a superb and some what unique animation and music that does its job, this is a solid series with a very polished feel. For you hardcore action fans, this might be the one to help you cross over, give it a shot!

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