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Naruto Shippuden

Posted on: July 6th, 2013 by kelsey 1 Comment


Starting off 3 years after where the original series left off, we find our cast of characters have all grown both in strength and mentality. Naruto comes back to Konoha as the only one of his class not yet moving through the ninja ranks but Naruto has not been idle the last 3 years. He has been training and mastering incredible ninja powers under one of the legendary Sanin Jiraya. Unfortunately Sasuke is still missing and Naruto vows to bring him home by any means possible – oh and become the greatest ninja in the world along the way.

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Naruto Shippuden is my favorite anime series by far. It can appeal to all audiences and very few will not find this story entertaining and absolutely spectacular. From the vivid colors of the animation or the superb voice acting, Naruto Shippuden is a big step up from the original.

If you watched the first installment of Naruto then you will already have these characters in your heart. Seeing how they have grown is both heartwarming and exciting. I couple of times I caught myself fist pumping like Arsenio Hall. Naruto himself comes back looking like the same kid we fell in love with but an older more mature version. He is strong and has no qualms about doing exactly what he feels is right. I love that he is still as passionate about finding Sasuke and bringing him home as he was as a kid. Unfortunately he’s still as in love with Sakura as ever and still just as blind to Hinata’s affections. I for one hope to see a new love arc in the future. The supporting cast feel more like main characters now too. Shino and shikamaru are both ninjas of considerable power but still with their same very unique styles. I was pleased to see the love interest between Tamari and Shikamaru blossom – feels natural and fluent. Speaking of characters – I have one big gripe I’m this department. Sakura. She cries nearly every scene she is in – despite training with a legendary Sanin Tsunade (who is also the Hokage) – she still seems like the weak, scared little girl we all just wanted off the screen. Even the bad guys, well especially the bad guys, Gaara and Itachi are given new life and understanding.  The creative properties behind this in depth character development is simply incredible.

The music in Naruto is well done and only enhances the viewing experience. I’ve always loved how the intro and outdo change with each arc and I look forward to the new ones each time.

The story itself is a complicated and intricate web woven around Naruto and his friendships and his journey in growing up. Without giving too much away – stay tuned – it’s only gonna get better.

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