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Inuyasha: The Final Act

Posted on: June 27th, 2013 by kelsey

Synopsis: It’s an increasingly more intense battle between Naraku and The quartet of Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango. Once Naraku is able to get all the pieces of the Shikon jewel he will be unstoppable. The only way to avoid this is to attain the last piece – but Sango’s baby brother requires it to live. What would you do?


InuYasha: The Final Act is the very welcomed conclusion to the original InuYasha anime. As expected, a lot of details were either skipped or rushed when the 21 volumes of manga was compacted into a twenty-six episodes anime. Whether Sunrise skimmed away unnecessary fat or cut too far into the meat of the story is subjective. Nonetheless, The Final Act is an exciting, filler-free anime that concludes the wildly popular InuYasha series.

The show starts where the last series left off. The Shikon Jewel is almost completed, and has been corrupted by Naraku’s evil powers. Inuyasha and company are trying to find a way to kill Naraku and restore the jewel. And of course Naraku is trying to return the favor and find a way to kill our protagonists as well.  InuYasha gets two powerful upgrades to Tetsusaiga, his sword. One upgrade lets Tetsusaiga steal demonic energy and the other, Meido creates portals to send enemies to the netherworld. The second technique was a trademark of Sesshomaru, Inuyasha’s brother, and his sword, Tenseiga. Sesshhomaru esclates the usual tension between himself and his younger brother by challenging him to a duel. By the end of the fight he gives the Meido technique to InuYasha.

With the exception of these power ups, the show has a very repetitive feel to it. Naraku shows up, they corner him, he gets away. Then he shows up again, they corner him, then he gets away. Although Naraku is a pretty evil guy and the show does a good job at getting you to hate him, we could have used a couple more creative top level villains.

The Final Act being only 26 episodes as opposed to its 160+ episode prelude is a breath of fresh air. If you’ve watched the first half of Inuyasha then this is a must to wrap up the series.

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