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Hunter x Hunter

Posted on: August 23rd, 2013 by kelsey No Comments

Title: Hunter X Hunter
Genre: Action/Adventure
By: Nippon Animation
Series: 62 episodes
Date: Oct 1999 – Mar 2001

Synopsis: Hunter X Hunter is an adventure tale about a young boy, Gon, who has a chance meeting with a Hunter named Kaito who reveals that Gon’s father is not really dead and that he is doing extraordinary things. Gon sets out to find his father, and like him, become a great Hunter. This is his story.

This is an anime that is both wildly creative and also virtually unknown. Hunter X Hunter has one central theme; friendship.  The cast plays directly into that theme as they are almost all beautifully endearing. They are also super powerful and all haunted by awful childhood. Hunter X Hunter manages to intricately weave these tragic pasts into tools to help each other and eventually four become best friends. Action plus complete character development makes for a very entertaining watch.

My only gripe about Hunter X Hunter is the visuals. The animation is very poor and seems very amateur. If the anime itself had moved the story along at decent pace maybe the bad animation would be less noticeable – but this just isn’t the case. The series ends on a major cliff hanger so be prepared to dive into another series directly afterwards. Not a bad anime by any means but not the best out there either.

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