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Synopsis: Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri is probably the most random and jaw dropping-in-confusion anime you will ever watch. Being that it is only 6 episodes long – it’s a must see just based on the absolute chaos it is to watch. We have Naota who is regular 6th grade boy who lives in a boring town. This town is overshadowed by a giant iron which poses as a factory that creates medical machines but covers the entire town in white smoke. One fateful day Noata is nearly killed by a hilarious but demented alien girl named Haruko whose weapon of choice is an electric bass guitar. Haruko sets out to destroy the robots that escape from Naota’s head, all while Naota’s brothers girlfriend pretends that Naota is his brother. Confused? You’re right on target – welcome to FLCL.

Title: FLCL
By: Gainax
Genre: Action/Comedy
Series: 6 OVA
Date: Apr 2000 – Mar 2001

FLCL Animexcess screenshot


The animation itself is both fluid and beautiful. Unlike other animes it is less vibrant and my initial reaction was that the colours were too muted; my mind changed after a few moments. The smoothly choreographed scenes really play extremely well with the colour palate. The detailed eyes really give the anime a new life and a bright point of focus. The somewhat non-dynamic animation also helps fuel the story in that you are not distracted by pretty, shiny things. It also lends to the oft conundrum of making it more realistic, although alien girls wielding electric guitars really pushes that out the window.

The music in FLCL is also quite lovely. It is the work of one group solely “The Pillows” and as such it flows continuously through the entire series. At times when Haruko is flying off her Vespa and swinging her giant bass around the music really enhances the mayhem. The tender moments when Naota’s brothers girlfriend is seducing him are amplified and even driven by the music soaring and crashing as Mamimi “overflows.”

FLCL is a crazy thrill ride of a train wreck that you can’t help. It watch. It’s like a shark riding a unicorn into space with a purple feather boa and while eating butternut squash ice cream kinda reality. At first I was like “WTF MATE?!?” but after watching more it grows on you and you can’t look away. It’s more than a bit weird watching Mamimi try to “Fooly Cooly” with the obviously much younger Naota and even more so when you discover he is her boyfriends younger brother. But that is so highly over shadowed by Haruko and her crazy robot smashing with a loud electric bass guitar. On top of that seeing robots burst out of Naota’s head through a bump he can seemingly push back into his skull – FLCL is the weirdest anime you might ever see.

Sadly the entire series only ran 6 episodes and is well worth the 2 hour to watch the entire thing. It’s crazy and random and will leave you laughing and shaking your head at every turn. Whether you love great music, beautifully fluid animation and/or absolutely crazy plot lines which more twists and turns than an acrobat – you will enjoy FLCL.

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