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Final Fantasy Advent Children

Posted on: September 29th, 2013 by doulie No Comments


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the highly anticipated CGI motion picture sequel to FFVII which has been produced by Square Enix’s CGI team. It is specifically aimed at those who played FFVII back in 1997 and man, those 10 million people are going have a good time watching this…

Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Studio: Square Enix
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: 101 minutes
Cast: Cloud Strife – Steve Burton
Tifa Lockheart – Rachael-Leigh Cook
Kajah – Steve Staley

Final Fantasy Advent Children AnimeXcess


AC is the resolve of Cloud Strife’s story. After the catastrophe in FFVII, Midgar has been rebuilt with a city known as Edge, Cloud, a silent ex-mercenary living with his friend Tifa Lockheart, a girl Marline and an orphaned boy Denzel, works his own delivery service along with Tifa. However recently a plague known as Geostigma has spread across the continent with fatal consequences for all the victims…who are mainly children. Cloud, who is also affected by the Geostigma, sets out on a personal journey to resolve his inner conflicts that affected him over the past few years and find out the truth behind Geostigma… It is a great story for a sequel to an epic game and fills in many gaps behind Cloud’s story. Shame, thought that to understand what is going on you need to play FFVII and if you have not, the synopsis of FFVII is not that easy to follow…

The animation is…how to put it…spectacular in the most extreme extent. It is as close to real life as any animated film has ever come to and it is coupled with special effects that put Star Wars to shame! The wind blows through the character’s hair as it would through yours, the characters walk as you would, and they have emotion. Now this may sound all obvious but it is portrayed to an accuracy never seen before and it is truly marvelous to watch. The battles are simply gorgeous. Now I will not spoil who the battles consist of, but they are the highlights of the film with sparks flying off swords, bullets ricochet in wonderful colors across the screen and the magic is portrayed by explosions of lights and the action is non-stop. It is awe-inspiring to watch.

Final Fantasy Advent Children AnimeXcess

The Voice Acting is great as well. Though the American VA’s are not as good as the Japanese ones, they still provide great voices for the characters and certainly do not disappoint. Cloud is voiced by a cold Steve Burton, Tifa by a warmer Rachael-Leigh Cook and Steve Staley plays excellently as the main villain Kajah. The rest of the Voice acting cast play into their respective roles very well and certainly do not make a mockery of the Final Fantasy series. Brilliant.

I would also like to add that the soundtrack to the film is composed by Nobou Uematsu who has worked on almost all Final Fantasy games so far and again he succeeds in complimenting AC with a stellar orchestrated score. It is very similar to FFVII with several new additions ranging from vocal scores, brand new battle themes with synthesized electrics and remixes of classic (I will let you find out for yourself). It is a brilliant though short soundtrack (only about 20-30 odd songs) but it has enough quality in there to fit the film superbly.


FFVII: AC is justifiable sequel to of the greatest games of all time. It has all the ingredients to a great CGI film: brilliant animation, action, nice Voice acting, but has one major flaw: it is extremely difficult to follow if you have not played the original game and the synopsis included is very difficult to.
However, form the 10 million who played the game, this an epic conclusion to an epic about a fantastic character. It may be hard to follow but there is more than enough here to make up for it. Hard, fast action, lighting sword-play and an awesome soundtrack make this an absolutely fantastic film to watch regardless if you follow the story or not.

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