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Fairy Tail

Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by kelsey No Comments

Review -  Fairy Tail

If you like Harry Potter, and also pretty creative hero stories, Fairy Tail is for you.  The anime itself is slow and lacks depth but it makes up for these short comings in creativity and physical comedy.  More than a handful of times I considered my neighbors while I laughed out loud.  This is a great watch for the casual viewer as there is no “one” plot line – it plays out and we move on to the next arc.  One of the other drawbacks to Fairy Tail is that it lacks seriousness, although there are touching and emotional moments, no one ever really dies and that lacks realism that I’ve come to expect from a great anime.

Fairy Tale Screenshots AnimeXcess

Fairy Tale Screenshots AnimeXcess

For me, a big seller is the entire magic component of Fairy Tail.  I loved Harry Potter and to see some of the same themes created in a gorgeous anime really tickled my fancy.  I love Lucy and her Celestial Spirits as well as Natsu with his fire powers.  For fantasy lovers, this anime really hit’s the spot.

The storyline is a bit shallow in that, again, no one ever really dies, and there is no singularity to encompass the entire series, it’s more like the reality of a day to day life.  It’s also a victim of the good vs. evil cliché.

Why do I like Fairy Tail then?  It’s incredibly creative.  Each character is very unique and each finds their way into your heart.  The voice acting and animation really plays into the depth of the characters and it is very well done.  I love that Erza is a really strong female characters.  Too often in anime, girls are portrayed as having one attribute – beauty.  But Erza is no one to mess with and is also hilarious.  Another character who provides HUGE comic relief is “Happy” – a blue cat who is the pet of Natsu.  You’ll find yourself on the edge ready to laugh out loud whenever he appears on screen.

Most would argue (and I’d agree) that the music is what makes Fairy Tail a must see.  From intense magical battles to the few very touching moments, the music really gets you into the groove of whatever is on screen and is simply fantastic.

Fairy Tale Screenshots AnimeXcess

Fairy Tale Screenshots AnimeXcess

Fairy Tail is a really great story with one underlying motive:  Friendship.  It’s beautiful and creative and funny.  It’s easy to watch and you’d have a hard time not enjoying it, I suggest everyone experience this masterpiece of anime.

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