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Dragon Ball Z

Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by doulie No Comments

Title: Dragonball Z aka DBZ
Genre: Action/Adventure
By: Toei Animation
Series: 291 episodes
Date: Apr 1989 –  Jan 1996

Review: How does one begin to review Dragon Ball Z? A series that defined a generation? The action anime grand daddy?
DragonBall Z is easily one of the most popular anime in the world. It served an introduction to the anime world for many westerners, myself included, and although this review might sound a bit harsh, i’m proud i started with DBZ. Now lets get to it!

Overall all the animation is nothing impressive, the new DBZ Kai certainly improves on animation a ton, but after being exposed to the art style of anime like Death Note and Soul Eater you can see that a lot of corners were cut when animating Dragon Ball Z. Now you can argue that DBZ’s animation is almost 20 years old! But even for its time the animation was nothing special.

Fight scenes were too drawn out. There were entire episodes of DBZ that felt like they advanced the overall plot by a couple seconds. You will purposely be taken to scenes that you cared nothing about, like Chi chi throwing a tantrum at home for 5 minutes, in the middle of an important fight. Only to return to the fight and be out of time. Oh the dreaded ‘Next time on Dragon-Ball-Z!’ announcer’s voice is etched into my head. Many episodes of DBZ go pass a cliff hanger, and leave you simply feeling unfulfilled.

Now on to the things DBZ did right. The series definitely set the standard for action anime. Things like the concept of power levels were relatively new at DBZ’s inception, and the show applied it seamlessly. Also, animating fights moving faster than you can see must have been a challenge for Toei, but again the show managed to pull it off perfectly.

This series holds a special place in the hearts of many, and rightfully so. Although it may only be worth watching now for nostalgia.

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