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Death Note

Posted on: August 23rd, 2013 by doulie No Comments

Title: Death Note
Genre: Drama, Progressive, Detective/Mystery
By: Madhouse Studios/NTV/Shueisha/VAP
Series: 37 episodes
Date: Oct 2006 – Jun 2007

Synopsis: High School genius  Yagami Light is introduced to a Death Note. A notebook that will kill anyone whose name he writes in it, once he is aware of the persons face. This power causes Light to acquire a very acute sense of justice, killing off evil-doers at a whim. The public assigns him the name Kira.  In order to find and stop Kira the world police calls in the genius known as ‘L,’ and so the series kicks off to an intriguing battle of intellectuals.

 Very solid art style
Story: Engaging cat and mouse thriller.
Music: widly good

This cat and mouse thriller was an instant anime classic. Certainly not your usually gun-slinking, punching, kicking anime but that may be a welcomed change of pace for more seasoned anime viewers. Preemptive reasoning and speculation may seem boring, but the captivating plot and well developed character relationships will keep you on the edge always wanting for more.

This series is most impressive for its presentation. Death Note’s presentation is unparalleled. The music is so well done that is can make you feel as if Yagami Light biting into a potato chip is equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro.

The series is not perfect, outside of the two protagonists, there aren’t many other like-able characters, and the way the series ended have left some feeling unsatisfied. Nevertheless, Death Note has earned its spot among the anime series greats, and comes highly recommended by me.

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