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Synopsis: In a world where humans are the minority, Clare is half human and half demonic Yoma – making her one of the Claymore. They are protectors of the humans and the only thing able to match the Yoma in power. After Clare saves Raki from the tragic fate that fell his family, the boy accompanies Clare on each of her missions.

Title: Claymore aka Kureimoa 
Genre: Action/Drama
By: Madhouse Studios/avex mode/NTV/VAP
Series: 26 episodes
Date: Apr 2007 – Sep 2007

Claymore is an anime from another generation. It is not modern and inspiring – there is no motivational lessons learned or some heroic underlying plot. It is a simple, yet beautiful, story. It is told in a way that keeps you both interested and at times holding your breath waiting for the next scene. The development of the story itself is very straightforward and easy to follow. It’s basically an adventure tale following a girl storm to protect humanity because of her genetic makeup and her unintentional sidekick.

Claymore as an action anime does fall short in some places. There are few fast, edge of your seat battles but most are survival of the fittest and fairly drawn out. The actual animation is decent though the characters are difficult to distinguish as they all sorta look alike (but that’s explained in the story).

One thing that seems to follow current trends in regards to Claymore is that it has no problem killing off main characters with complete surprise. This keeps you captivated and watching just to see who gets the sword next.  There is also a flashback arc that greatly helps keep the story going.  What’s cool about Claymore is that is uses this flashback throughout the rest of the story and never let’s us forget it.   The ending is one of varied popularity. I personally enjoyed it since it brings us back to the beginning though I feel there was so much left unsaid.

Claymore is a great storytelling anime though devoid of anything revolutionary. It is both exciting and engaging and well worth checking out.

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