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Synopsis: Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15-year-old boy who can see spirits, something that he isn’t too fond of. He meets a Shinigami named Rukia, who was sent to protect his home town from Hallows— destructive spirits with unfinished business on Earth. In order to save his family, Rukia transfers most of her shinigami powers to Ichigo, who seemed to have a natural talent for wielding it!  But Rukia’s transfer of power was forbidden by the Soul Society (the spirit world tasked with maintaining a balance between the living and the dead worlds), and she is sentenced to death. Ichigo must use his new found powers to save her, and take on a world of incredibly powerful Shinigamis to do so.


Widely considered one of ‘the big three,’  alongside Naruto and One Piece, Bleach is a very popular shounen anime, with a pretty dedicated fan base.  The early episodes of the show fits the  formula for most other anime of its kind. Teenage boy bestowed with unique powers has to go fight nasty monsters. As a result the first few episodes of Bleach feels pretty… typical. And then the Soul Society Arc happened.

I believe that one of the main reasons Bleach shot up in popularity so quickly was because the first major arc of the series was so well done. The Soul Society story arc breaks the series away from the typical and lets you know, instantly, that Bleach is here to play with the big boys, as far as shounen action anime go. An under-trained under developed Ichigo is forced to fight against the monsters that are the Soul Society captains, and you can’t help but feel and incredible sense of hopelessness while rooting for our underdog.

Bleach sets itself apart with a unique cast of characters. Everyone has an intriguing story, because of this you can invest in characters who aren’t Ichigo and this makes the show so much more fun to watch.  Visually, Bleach has consistently good animation, and later in the series, when the show’s budget clearly picks up,  you spot a significant up in animation, from good to great. The soundtrack is distinctive, and usually fits the on-screen action quiet nicely.

So is Bleach worth the watch? The answer to that is an easy yes, for many reasons, the main one being… BANKAI!

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