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Beyond the Boundary

Posted on: October 11th, 2013 by kelsey No Comments

Synopsis: Beyond the Boundary is a story about a group of high school students who exist in a world with 2 dimensions. The first being humanity as we know it and the second being populated with monsters called Youmu and their hunters called Spirit World Warriors. Akihito is an immortal half –  Youmu half human “regular” high school kid when he meets Mirai who is trying to commit suicide. Mirai is a terrified and clumsy Spirit World Warrior who uses Akihito as training in order to defeat her first Youmu. Fortunately for her Akihito decides to help her out despite being warned repeatedly by the local clan in charge of the Spirit World Warriors.

Title: Beyond the Boundary
By: Kyoto Animation
Date: 9/12 – ongoing
Series: 13 episodes (on going)


Beyond the Boundary is absolutely beautiful. The animation is very fluid and well choreographed. While it’s not heavy in action; the action sequences are executed to both surprise and fascinate you. Upon discovering Mirai trying to throw herself off the school, Akihito rushes to help only to be stabbed through the heart by a seemingly liquid sword wielded by Mirai herself. The sword is actually made up of her blood and once you see it brandished again the realistic of what that “would” look like is realized expertly. It’s impressive how the animation also draws at your heart strings with Mirai being a cutesie pink haired girl with large red glasses and Akihito being a rather large hipster type. Both of these characters are drawn to move so well through each scene that I find myself being interested in them as a whole rather than as just part of the anime. I love the splashes of colour throughout Beyond the Boundary.

The music is also a huge bonus in this anime and it’s easy to see why it won awards in Kyoto. It plays along seemingly undetected, as though real life has a sound track. It’s refreshing to watch an anime that is not overrun by its music. The surprises come up unannounced but are played through so beautifully with the music. I felt that the colour splashed with the little rifts of songs really enhanced a visually impressive story.

The characters themselves are very deep and well thought out. Akihito comes across as a pretty typical high school boy though the stereotype from nerd to prom king fluctuates. When we first see Akihito, he is trying to save Mirai from killing herself and he’s dressed in his very proper school uniform with messy blonde hair – it’s very endearing. Upon seeing him again with his childhood friend Mitsuki – he comes across as a cocky, perverted jerk. As it turns out Akihito might be a bit of both but with a very good heart (even though he’s immortal.).

Mirai will almost instantly capture your heart. She, too, is dressed I. The uniform of the school. It with an over-sized cardigan, shaggy pink bob haircut and large red glasses – she hardly seems the scary Spirit World Warrior she’s supposed to be. She is constantly tripping over herself in efforts to stab Akihito. Her clumsiness just adds to her lovable personality. When we find out that Mirai is in fact terrified of killing Youmu and that is why she is constantly attacking Akihito (since he can’t die) it just makes us hope that someone steps in to help her become the hero and save the day. This is where the friendship forms and develops into something pleasant all around.

As a whole this is a brilliantly created anime. It’s beautiful and interesting and even funny at moments. What starts out as a pretty anime, Beyond the Boundary, turns into a dynamic action anime with incredibly unique ideas. Yes, killing monsters is everywhere, but doing it with your own blood and all the while tripping over absolutely anything – it’s a good watch. I’d recommend anyone to check it out and try to not get charmed by this exceptional creation.

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