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Posted on: June 29th, 2013 by doulie No Comments

Synopsis: Berserk is a crazy, obscenely graphic anime so risqué even late night Japanese TV didn’t want to show it at first.  Because of this it has quickly developed one of the largest underground followings here in the Western Hemisphere.  The story itself grips you in it’s darkness and pulls you into an unknown world.

Title: Berserk aka Kenfu Denki Berserk
Series: 25 episodes
Date: 1997 – 1998

Based on the immense gore and graphic nudity, Berserk is not an anime for the light hearted. The very “humanesque” qualities of the characters bridges the gap between reality and fantasy. We have Griffith who is both determined and shady, Guts who is a tortured extrovert and then Caska who is both twisted and dramatic. The entire group of players in this anime are so well developed that their relationships with each other is equally as dynamic and compelling. Simply amazing.

Berserk is told in a completely different way as it begins with the chronologically last episode in the series. The story is incredible and full of thrill rides and each turn. Though you think you know whats going to happen, the known becomes the unknown and it is easily one of the best tales in the anime genre.

The only downside to Berserk is that the ending – which is actually the beginning. A story so compelling really qualified a better finish since the story itself is such a legendary tale. The music is also sub par, sounds a bit amateurish but overall not terrible.

If you are looking for an anime that rivals Spartacus in naked bodies and blood, look no further; Berserk is for you.

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