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Afro Samurai

Posted on: August 23rd, 2013 by kelsey No Comments

TitleAfro Samurai 
Genre: Action
Series: 5 episodes

Samuel L. Jackson. That alone should be enough to solidify anyone questioning – “should I watch this?”  The answer is yes, yes you should. Afro Samurai is an incredible story that encompasses both the traditional aspects of Japanese anime with beautiful weapons and intricate fight scenes as well as the modern technological tactics of handguns and death rays.

Highs: Over-the-top action, art, and animation.

Lows: Under developed plot and characters

My favorite part of Afro Samurai is the score. With music ranging from classic movie soundtracks to upbeat hip hop – Afro Samurai is a pleasure for the listener but it also plays into the deep cultural attitude of the anime.

Though this anime seems to go the route of most hero-based anime – with our Afro looking for revenge against Number one for the murder of his father. The characters are what make this anime so highly entertaining. Where else will you find (Samuel L. Jackson?!) a plushy teddy bear assassin, or a Zombie  talented with a pistol? While the development of these second string of characters is slow, it keeps your interest up and the action flowing.

Afro Samurai is a great anime to watch if you are a lover of old school Kung fu and new school urban culture – and of course – Samuel L. Jackson.

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